San Diego Retirement Planning

Structuring Portfolios for Retirement Income Needs

Estate Management Group assists investors with the accumulation and growth of a retirement portfolio AND the distribution of a retirement income stream.

We design strategies for our clients that are focused on accumulation and decumulation.

Pre-Retirement - The Accumulation Phase

During the accumulation phase Estate Management Group will provide investment recommendations and strategies based on your retirement income goals. Our team works with investors to help manage risk as retirement nears and to periodically rebalance their portfolio to maintain the target allocation. 

Retirement - The Decumulation Phase

Getting to retirment is half of the strategy. Designing your portfolio to provide retirement income for life represents the decumulation, or income, phase. Estate Management Group utilizes a combination of insurance and investment strategies in order to provide retirees with short-term income goals as well as continued portfolio growth to support their future income needs. 

Retirement Income Planning Strategies

  • Fee Based Asset Management
  • Bonds and Fixed Income
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities
  • Mutual Funds

Retirement Income Planning Strategies

During the accumulation phase Estate Management Group works with clients to:

  • Define target goals for retirement savings
  • Design monthly/yearly investment targets
  • Establish the portfolio allocation
  • Conduct annual reviews and rebalancing
  • Manage risk exposure as retirement draws closer

During the decumulation phase Estate Management Group works with clients to:

  • Structure a portfolio to provide an income stream
  • Design an allocation for inflation-adjusted growth and income
  • Identify and mitigate portfolio risk
  • Select appropriate investment vehicles

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