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Portfolio Legacy Planning

Estate Management Group will help you design your portfolio and investment strategy for wealth transfer across generations. Our team, and attorneys and CPAs that we are affiliated with, can help you mitigate tax liability on the transfer of your portfolio to your heirs.

Estate Management Group approaches investment planning and wealth management with a focus on legacy and estate planning.

We consult with our clients about where they are now and where they want their wealth to be in the future.  This holistic approach looks beyond individual investment selection and focuses on crafting wealth management strategies for preserving your family legacy.

Strategies for Family Legacy Planning

  • Account Structure and Type
  • Estate Planning
  • Trusts
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts and Gifting Strategies

Family Legacy Planning Strategies

Our firm excels at developing estate tax planning strategies that help to preserve your wealth for future generations.

We work with our clients to identify areas of risk within their portfolios, personal finance, business (if applicable) and overall financial health.

Estate Management Group can assist you with developing trusts and gifting strategies to help manage your wealth while minimizing your tax liabilities.

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