San Diego High Net Worth Investing

Addressing the unique needs of portfolios in excess of $1m

Investors and families with portfolios in excess of $1m may benefit by working with Estate Management Group. Understanding the unique unique challenges and opportunities for high net worth investors allows us to focus on investment strategies that aim to: 1) Reduce tax liability; 2) Control portfolio fees and costs; 3) Explore alternative investment options.

Estate Management Group's approach to high net worth investing includes a focus on first, preserving and maintaining wealth followed by strategies for portfolio growth and income.

How we approach high net worth investing

  • Family legacy planning and wealth continuation strategies
  • Referrals and coordination with CPAs and Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Designing portfolios for tax efficiency
  • Charitable, Gifting strategies
  • Controlling portfolio expenses 

High Net Worth Investor Strategies

At Estate Management Group we design wealth management strategies that are designed to:

1) Protect and grow your wealth
2) Mitigate portfolio taxes
3) Minimize estate tax
4) Preserve your wealth for future generations
5) Charitable planning

Estate Management Group works with a wide array of fee-based portfolio managers. We aim to structure High Net Worth investor portfolios with a focus on tax sensitivity and mitigation.

At Estate Management Group we design strategies that allow High Net Worth investors to utilize gifting (charitable and family) in order to reduce their estate tax exposure.

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